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Tactile therapy designed to stimulate all your acupressure points

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marysville hot tubs

Escape to bliss with every soak

We are proud to be the local dealer for Dimension One spas, founded in 1977, a leading manufacturer of award-winning hot tubs. Their patented features offer a higher class of design, performance and value.

They take pride in their core values of integrity, continuous improvement and family. They strive to be leader in innovation and quality to your delight. They continuously improve their skills, knowledge and operations for everyone's mutual benefits.

Therapeutic Benefits

Creating a regular hydrotherapy routine can deliver many benefits to support a healthy and active lifestyle including:

Living in a 4 season climate means our activities change with the seasons. Your hydrotherapy routines can also change to support you in pursuing all of the mountain activities that you love.

There are few greater joys than hopping into your spa after an incredible day on the slopes.


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